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          Shanghai Fangling Software Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in the research of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) System. Over ten years of hard work and market practice, the company has successfully launched more than 20 products of several series CNC Systems, such as Flame/Plasma cutting machine CNC System, laser cutting machine CNC System, auto welding machine CNC System, drilling & punching machine CNC System, pipe cutting machine CNC System, all kinds of customized CNC Systems, etc.



Add : Room 711, No.955 Jianchuan

          Road, Woxiangwojia mansion,

          minhang, Shanghai, China
Zip Code : 200241
Sales Hotline : 021-34290970
Sales E-mail: sales.@flcnc.com

Customer Service : 021-34121295

Support E-mail: support@flcnc.com